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Our  Commitment 


Our people and culture are our secret sauce, and we intend to keep it that way. 

In fact, Clio has successfully scaled by investing in our people and product, in that order

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Climb with intention

We pride ourselves in creating purpose-driven work.
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Human and

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We believe the only way to unlock high performance is through true human connection.
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and diverse

We believe that to best honour our mission to transform the legal experience for all, our foundation–our people and culture–need to authentically represent different perspectives and experiences, and foster an environment of  inclusion, belonging, and equity.
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A culture of clear

We believe that the most constructive feedback is honest, direct and given with positive intent. This not only helps us get better, it helps strengthen relationships in the process.
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Human and High-performing: our legacy building formula

your climb

This may not be the last mountain you climb, but we hope this will be your most pivotal.

Peak Performance

When it comes to performance, we celebrate our wins, adjust our course if we lose our footing, and, have open communication to conquer our peaks.
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Deliberately Developmental

Our aim is to lift you up to be a better human in and outside of Clio. We have endless tools to help you sharpen as you climb.

Persistent Progress

Progress isn't limited to linear pathways. On the climb, you are in control of your goals. No matter your path, what's most important is your progress.
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